UE4 Character Cel Shading – Stylized Rendering

I have tried a lot of things to get 3d models to look like hand drawn art and everything came up short. I was able to get OK results in Daz Studio with a product called Visual Style Shaders, but I couldn’t get it to look hand drawn. I just picked up JiffyCrew’s shaders for UE4 and after a few hours of playing with them this seems to be the best results I have gotten so far. This would probably work out better with a character with more stylized proportions.


Makes nice stills that I can use as 2d art. And of course also can be used in a full 3d game.

Here were the settings I used. I tried a few different falloff maps. Probably best to make a custom one for this.





Otome Twist Reviews Heartbaked

Otome twist did a really extensive write up on heartbaked. Aside from pointing out a few typos and bad grammar mistakes we made, the review was really nice.

I really liked the final summary she wrote:

But anyway, as for this visual novel, I think it really was a fun little game to play. I love how everything blended together: the GUI, the art style, the story! It’s so perfectly sweet and cute. And as someone who loves baking during her free time, I really enjoyed this visual novel.

You can see the full article here: http://www.otometwist.com/2016/06/nanoreno-2016-heartbaked.html