Repulse Does A Live Demo On Bulgarian National Television

Bulgarian National Television invited us down to show a live demo of the Virtual Reality game 10 cupcakes that we have been working on.  The news anchor was great she tried the game out.  We will try to add some subtitles to this when we have some time.

You can watch the full program on BNT Website.

10 Cupcakes Demo Now Available For Download

10 Cupcakes Demo is now available for download from our website. A lot of it is missing art or just using placeholder assets but we have a large enough vertical slice to demonstrate what we are working on. We wanted to get it in real users hands so we can get some feedback. The demo is available for free and doesn’t require any registration, filling out forms or payments. Download it and try it.  If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact us on facebook to tell us what you think.

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10 Cupcakes, VR Kissing Simulation Game