DarkStation says the environment in Experiment Gone Rogue is quite Blade Runner-esque


According to DarkStation the environment in Experiment Gone Rogue is quite Blade Runner-esque, dominated by soaring skyscrapers that ascend from a murky cityscape and lots of colourful neon light. Environments can be used for cover and destroyed, and this can be used to some advantage in battle, though boss arenas tend to be typically empty. At its core, Experiment Gone Rogue is very linear, taking place in a series of narrow corridors separated by ladders, climbing bars, elevators and short platform rides. if you want to read more click here.

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In Experiment Gone Rogue you punch, shoot and explode your way through enemies in Virtual Reality. Take your rage out on enemies by sending them flying with a swift punch. Or just shoot a rocket at them if that’s more your style. Traversing the futuristic environment is not as easy as you’d think though and you won’t make it very far if you can’t climb with the best of them.