Repulse, EOOD is a game development company located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We are a registered development partner with Sony Playstation, and Steam. We are also a registered developer with Microsoft XBox, Google Play and the iOS App store.

Office_Exterior2Google Maps Link to Find Our Office:  Click Here

Our Process:

We are a fully agile software development team. We build rapid iterations of working software in short 2 week sprints. Our simple manifesto is:

1. Every team member has an equal say in how our games will be made
2. Individuals and team interactions are more important than processes and tools
3. Working software is more important than extensive planning documentation
4. Data from our users is more important than our own opinions and ideas
5. Responding to change is more important than following a plan

We are actively currently working on “10 Cupcakes”, an action and kissing simulation game for roomscale Virtual Reality, and “Caravan of Saints” a 2d interactive fiction game which will be released on xBox, Steam, iOS app store, and Google Play.

Job Opportunities:

We have the following positions open now:

2d Manga Artist
3d Animator
Composer / Sound Designer
Level Designer
Video Editor

To apply, please contact us through Jobs.bg

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  1. i think if your next otome game were monsterboy genre related, it could do quite well. a lot of women are complaining about only men getting monstergirl fanservice stuff for media.

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