When we started in the VR business we talked to a VR studio that was closing down. They had just released one of the highest rated VR games but still had to shut their doors because the market was too tiny. Even the best will fail on this rough and steep path.

We don’t expect to make any money from our first few games. By deciding to focus exclusively on VR, everyone on our team is taking a risk that affects their career, their future, and their loved ones.

To make things more challenging VR has highly demanding technical standards. Requiring 90 frames per second and separate rendering for each eye + another render on the screen. Everything about VR is difficult, evolving and uncertain.

We do this because we believe that through virtual reality games we should be able to live out mind blowing experiences that will be able to touch our lives in a way that no other media can deliver.  And this is the future that we demand.  But the only way for these games to arrive is through the difficult journey that lies ahead for the entire industry.

We are Repulse Game Studio. We are betting on VR, and we are all in.

Office_Exterior2Google Maps Link to Find Our Office:  Click Here

Our Process:

We are a fully agile software development team. We build rapid iterations of working software in short 2 week sprints. Our simple manifesto is:

1. Every team member has an equal say in how our games will be made
2. Individuals and team interactions are more important than processes and tools
3. Working software is more important than extensive planning documentation
4. Data from our users is more important than our own opinions and ideas
5. Responding to change is more important than following a plan

We are actively currently working on “10 Cupcakes”, an action game for the Virtual Reality devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Job Opportunities:

We have the following positions open now:

Sound Designer

To apply, please contact us through Jobs.bg

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