You turn your computer on and your VR headset is ready. You are ready to enter a new world, one with seemingly endless possibilities. In this world you experience games in a way that no other platform can offer. This is a virtual revolution in gaming and you are a part of it.

But there is a disturbance in the virtual world. Repulse has raised an army of dark sorcerers who are creating new virtual realms filled with challenging encounters, terrifying opponents and powerful bosses.  They have conjured dark overlords out of the pits of hell, who now seek to bring on the virtual apocalypse.

It has been foretold that a new group of legendary heroes will rise. They will equip their VR gear, and leave the world of ordinary man.  They will venture forth beyond the abyss, and into the heart of the virtual world. These heroes will face their greatest fears in fully immersive VR.  They will overcome the machinations of hell that Repulse has brought to these shadowy realms.

For those who succeed, their names will forever echo on the servers that host the tranquiline halls of eternity. Are you such a hero?

The Halls of Eternity

Our Process:

We are a fully agile software development team. We build rapid iterations of working software in short 2 week sprints. Our simple manifesto is:

1. Every team member has an equal say in how our games will be made
2. Individuals and team interactions are more important than processes and tools
3. Working software is more important than extensive planning documentation
4. Data from our users is more important than our own opinions and ideas
5. Responding to change is more important than following a plan

We are actively currently working on “Experiment Gone Rogue”, an action game for the Virtual Reality devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Job Opportunities:

We have the following positions open now:

Sound Designer

To apply, please contact us through Jobs.bg

Office_Exterior2Google Maps Link to Find Our Office:  Click Here

You can find our Devlog here.

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