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Iragon is a Visual Novel that you can experience in full virtual reality. It includes a high fantasy story, romance, combat, and flying through the skies using a grappling hook. It is also playable without VR.

In the game you stumble upon a mysterious girl carrying an ancient book. The book contains a powerful secret that everyone is after. If you love anime, let us take you on a magical anime journey in full VR.










Build 11.4.2019

The environment of the first level and the beginning area after the cabin cutscene fully textured and populated with art.

Grappling Improvements – the grappling hook now corrects it’s rope height while you swing.

Added hand animations.

There have been new checkpoints added to the level after the cabin cutscene.

You no longer “float” while jumping.

Extended the level after the cabin cutscene.

Landscape has been capped with rocks.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Mesh no longer floating above ground
  • The speed of shooting the hook has been slightly increased.
  • Added collision to hands
  • Added an additional island to the left of the main arch
  • Added impact sound on for when you hit leaves with the grappling hook
  • Fixed landscape issues and text in VR
  • Fixed terrain under the ruins
  • Fixed terrain issues bad foliage
  • Fixed lighting issues
  • Fixed bad foliage
  • Fixed floating tree
  • Fixed glitchy arrow in third person

Build 28.3.2019

Level 3 redesign – The third level, the one after the cabin, went through a complete redesign. It is currently in a greybox state, but it’s much wider, with more to explore, no invisible walls and new targets to grapple, some of which are located on the ground.

New particles – There are now particles for when you hit something with the arrow of the grappling hook.

Added feedback form – There is now an in-game feedback form which you can fill out at the end of a playthrough. This way you can more easily share your opinion with the devs.

Swinging control – There have been improvements made to the swinging control while grappling to make swinging more enjoyable.

VR hand model –  In VR there are now actual models for the player’s hands.

VR grappling hook  – You can now see the grappling hook on your arm in VR and the rope has a rewind animation after firing.

New sounds – The grappling mechanism now has sound and you can also hear the rustling of leaves when you hit them with the hook.

Hook indicator –  When a target is within range of your grappling hook your crosshair will now become green.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed foliage where the player could get stuck
  • Fixed tree stuck in a rock
  • Fixed getting stuck in grapple mode after respawn in third person and added a collision feature while grappling
  • Fixed Annah moving before standing up
  • Improvements to spell targeting
  • Fixed skip cutscene button for gamepad
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t attack after putting sword away in intro
  • Animation bug fixes
  • Fixed a hole in the ground where the player could get stuck
  • Fixed issue where you can skip the soldier cutscenes by jumping over a tree
  • Fixed issue where you can jump over Annah if you climb on the brick wall
  • Fixed glitchy cloud
  • Added sword sounds in VR
  • Cabin music adjustments
  • Synched voice and disappointment animation
  • Added more trees to prevent the player from going around the cabin

Build 14.3.2019

Changes to Annah – You do find Annah passed out in the woods but that doesn’t mean that she can’t look nice. So she now has pretty blue eyes and a whole new outfit to make her look good, even in a dire situation such as this.

Controller support – VR is awesome! And keyboard and mouse have served us faithfully for many long years. We do however realize that some people enjoy playing with a controller, so we integrated that into the game.

Additional checkpoint – Being fantasy knight Spider-man isn’t easy. It’s also not uncommon to fall to your death in this world, so we decided to add a checkpoint after the first swinging section. Now if you happen to fall at the very end of the second swinging section you won’t have to go through the entire first part, all over again.

New text background – The old background for the dialogue was a bit boring and it lacked character. That is why we stuck some rocks in there and called our best blacksmith to make a nice steel border.

Level 1 redesign – The entire level before you reach the cabin has been redesigned from the ground up. Gone are all the invisible walls that trap you in a tight glass corridor. Player is a free elf now. Go explore… Well the new level IS still in gray box, so you won’t have many interesting visuals. But that’s a small price to pay for freedom!

Swinging – Regardless of how funny swinging around in a squatting position was, we decided to make an actual swinging animation. Darick now soars through the air in a way more natural pose, reaching the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

Hand crossbow – The days of having an arrow that magically shoots itself from your hand are long behind us now. Darick got himself a fancy new crossbow that he stuck on his hand. He uses it as a grappling hook, to swing from rock to rock.

Changes to the sky and clouds – We often stare at the sky and daydream about the awesome games that we are going to make. Fortunately, the sky in Iragon is something that we can change however we like. So we made like an airbender and shaped in a way that we find even prettier.

New sound – Don’t you just love falling to your death? No? Well at least if you do that in Iragon you will hear a nice little scream. And if you jump from a reasonable height, like from the ground, you can hear a pleasant landing sound. We also tweaked some sounds and booped others to make everything sound nicer.

Skip button for cutscenes – We realize that not everybody is into voice acting, or reading for that matter. Some people just want to go kick ass and take names, so we added a skip button for the cutscenes that you have already seen once.

Invisible wall changes – Believe it or not, we are not insane. We know that no one likes invisible walls. But they do help us a lot by keeping the game world a manageable size. Some walls were moved, some were removed and a few new ones were added. There were so many moving walls that you would think this was an ancient tomb, hiding some shiny treasure.

Bug fixes & small changes – You can no longer go on the wrong side of invisible walls. Hitting the ground with the rope still attached to a flying rock will no longer send you to sideways walking purgatory. The cabin has gotten minor interior improvements. You can no longer fall between tall trees and get stuck. And a bunch more.

There were enough bug fixes and small changes to make your head spin. Surely you don’t want to read about every little texture change and every insignificant new variable that was added to the code, do you?